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2009-08-02 12:04 pm


I want to spazz about my trip, okey. ;3

On The Way;
Since my parents insisted on driving me to Davao, my classmates bunked in our car.
No one dared to fall asleep on a 2-hour trip, I guess because we didn't want to have the feeling of barfing. ROFL. XD
We talked a lot about our classmates. I mean. REALLY A LOT. For the whole trip, all we talked about was our friends and classmates, the subgroups of our class and all.

We stopped by SM Mall to feed our tummies for lunch. We ate in Chowking, yeahs. I bought cotton candy, yum ♥
Anyway, one of my classmates--Tim, bought us jawbreakers. XD We all shoved the humongous candy in our mouth in the same time. Why? we had this contest of 'who finishes the jawbreaker first?'

We basically looked like idiots walking around the mall with jawbreakers. =))
After lunch we went to look for our Venue--Camp Alano( where we would be sleeping for 2 nights and 3-day seminar D; )

Yoohoo, Camp Alano!
and we're off to look for the place we're staying at.
Our car was tagging along behind the school's car, since we didn't want to get lost and all...
I saw this building that says 'Girl Camp'-blahblah and I joked my classmates "hey guys, this is where we're staying!" and I laughed hard.
But our car was slowing down for a turn inside the 'Girl Camp'-blahblah and I was like. "O___O WTF." WE WERE ACTUALLY GOING TO STAY IN THAT CAMP THINGY. I FREAKIN' PREDICTED THAT WE WERE GONNA BE SLEEPING IN THAT PLACE.
When we went our of the car, we were all like: "where are we gonna sleep? XD" HAHAHA.
So we were walking around, looking for our room.
We were looking at the left side, where a group of Duplexes were present, and my classmates were all like: "I think we're sleeping there"
But I shifted my attention to the right side, since the duplexes looked so dull. ;) I saw this BIG BIG BIG White Spooky Building! And I know that some of my classmates were scared of ghosts, so again I joked at my girl classmates "you know what? I just know we're sleeping here!" and I excitedly pointed at the white spooky building, which I referred to as White House later on. After I said that, our teacher went to us girls and told us "Girls, this is where we will be sleeping" and she pointed at the white spooky building. THEN AGAIN, I was all "O____O WTF?!?! ALSKFHLSF!" I predicted the future again! and my friends looked at me like, 'omg you predicted the future--AGAIN.' haha.

Day 1;
We were all complaining how civilization-less the camp was. U_U No Internet. No TV. No airconditioner. No Soft Bed. And guess what? the comfort room is like, ONE BIG PLACE and FILLED WITH CUBICLES, covered with SHOWER CURTAINS. So basically, it was a semi-public bath. 0_0 sigh, what should I expect? well it is a CAMP after all, right?
We arrived early, since the seminar was gonna start at 4:30pm, some of my friends decided to sleep and rest. Well as for me, I was too hyper.
They turned off the lights and went under their blankets. Even my classmates.
The room was quiet. Quiet, I tell you. I was the only one sitting on the bed and not under my blanket.
But then I was, PEER PRESSURED :)) So I was all, "Okay, fine. Going under my blanket, too. Peer Pressured!" and my friends were all cracking up, laughing, ROFL-ing. In short, they LOL-ed. XD and since that peer pressure thing that I said, we started making a list of peer pressure during our stay there. We have a list, you know! XD Here goes the famous list of Peer Pressure ♥ :

☆ Taking a Nap. (That was me saying that I was peer pressured.LOL.)
☆ Ordering Swirly Bitz
Paying for the Food instead of getting it free.
☆ Doodling on the ID
☆ Taking Notes During the Seminar
☆ Laughing (at Dyosa)
☆ Bow. (okay, THIS WAS ME HERE. The performers were bowing and at the end, I bowed too. haha, i'm so stupid! :)) )
Taking off Contacts
☆ Putting 'Off' Lotion
☆ Sleeping Position.
☆ Answering the Devotional.
☆ Going to the Comfort Room. (Body System much? XD)
☆ Listening to Music (We wore headphones while 'watching' the BHAG presentation.)
☆ Standing up in the same time during Lunch.
☆ Taking Pictures with Dyosa (LOL@THIS)
☆ Buying food during stopover on the way home.
☆ Deciding on filling up the friendship contact thing.

We also had Bloopers ♥

☆ Uttering Deep instead of Dip.
☆ Uttering Beetz instead of Bitz.
☆ Complaining how the scedule was wrong: "July --, 2010" was written, but my other friend was like: "That scedule is for Next year, you know. It's not wrong" -LOL
☆ Taking a picture with the cover of the camera lens on! "Hey, how come it's not working? it's all black!" "Uh, the cover is still there *takes off the cover*"
☆ When My jawbreaker fell out of my mouth. :))

We also had Sentence of the Day!
☆ Day 1: "If I were a spider, where would I go?"
☆ Day 2: "This is so mapait(bitter) talaga!(really)" [rephrasing: this is really so bitter!]
☆ Day 3: (I forgot. XD )

Day 2;
So this day was SUPER LONG. Proof that we were so not having fun. D;
We planned on waking up early so we could own the comfort room.
Yes we woke up early.
But I guess girls are really smart. Since all the girls were awake.. including those from other schools. XD Only to find out everyone planned on waking up early instead of waking up on the wake-up call. :))

During this day, we started to mingle with other people. 8D which was fun. :D:D
We had a debate, well I didn't have fun on the debate thing. It was TOO INFORMAL. LIKE, SRSLY.
No definition of Motion, no Parameter, the other team kept on mentioning facts written in the Bible (which is not allowed, since it IS undebatable)
and guess what, My friends pushed me to comment about the debate. sigh. I just had to say things. 8-| BUT I WASN'T ABLE TO SAY EVERYTHING. I WAS SHAKING, BIG TIME. :))

So much happened during day 2, but I don't know where to start. XD
I'll just skip, okay?
We had our last activity during the night, that was to build a tall tower using uncooked spaghetti pastas and marshmallows.
WE LOST. :))

Day 3;

But i'm so stressed. only slept for 4 hours during our stay in Camp Alano. D;
And I still have 4 exams to take tomorrow, together with my classmates who also went to Camp Alano.
Studying again 8-|
4 english exams on Monday.
1 chinese exam on Tuesday. D;

but nevertheless, GOOD TO BE BACK HOME ♥

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2009-06-06 08:59 pm
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are you bored?

cause I am. ToT

1 more day before school. starts. DX
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2009-06-04 11:36 am
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Okay, So i'm so sad!


I miss my mom and my cousins!
(although they just left minutes ago)

I miss people too mcuh. D=

Please, come back. U____U
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2009-05-21 01:03 am

I want SHINee's mini-album!

 yaaaah. : (( I want to buy SHINee's new mini-album! D=
I so want it.. but i'm penny-less. Y___Y ultra broke! 
booohooo. I wanna go to seoul and buy. x3

oh oh, you know? I went to the mall and was browsing the music store for my cousin. Cause she wanted to buy Britney's Circus Album. XD XD
But I can't find any... well, the lady said there was no stock available anymore.. so I just decided to buy some horror movie. BUT instead I found Rain's album 8D Rainism<33 muahahahhahaha.

If it was just SHINee or Big Bang or Wondergirls or (insert fave artists here) I would totally raid the whole store!
I know seeing Rain's album there is not such a big deal for some of you.. but here in Philippines, specifically GENSAN, you can barely find any korean CDs here! so it's totally WHOOOAAA for you to find an album >___> hahaha.



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2009-05-21 12:58 am

annoying people

i am so annoyed ^__^ I hope you know why.
I hope you know who you people are. Yes, ARE. There is more than one
hmpf! >:P

ignorants! XPP
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2009-05-19 01:44 pm

button smashing T0T

 deng. My thumb hurts sooo baaad. I feel like blood's gonna come out from it. DD: I've been smashing too much buttons on the PSP. lol. haha~<33

woot woot!! guessed who just finished DJ MAX(Clazziquia Edition)?!?! XD
this girl is addicted to smashing buttons. x3

aaaaaaaaand. this girl is craving for more donuts. D= but is too lazy to run down and get some. HAHA

i'm lazy, i know. XD


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2009-05-18 01:09 pm
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rain rain go away--not

 okay.. I think it's been already 3 days and the rain hasn't stopped. XD

I love the cold weather. HAHAHA.
but sometimes it freezes me to a big ice cube~ hahaha

I'm so happy. hahaha. I was able to update my graphic dumpsite today. LOL.

go visit if you have time 8D
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2009-05-17 05:54 pm
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 hehe. go visit my graphic junkyard. :)

[livejournal.com profile] thebabysteps 

^________~ thank you!<333
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2009-05-15 06:19 pm
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almost lost my account 0____0

sometimes I could be an idiot.
I couldn't log on to my LJ account for the past few days.
and now, I finally know why..

I TYPED MY E-MAIL INSTEAD OF MY USERNAME. Really smart, Hanna. -_________-