qinying: (almighty--AIGOO. :))
she loves shinee ([personal profile] qinying) wrote2009-05-21 01:03 am

I want SHINee's mini-album!

 yaaaah. : (( I want to buy SHINee's new mini-album! D=
I so want it.. but i'm penny-less. Y___Y ultra broke! 
booohooo. I wanna go to seoul and buy. x3

oh oh, you know? I went to the mall and was browsing the music store for my cousin. Cause she wanted to buy Britney's Circus Album. XD XD
But I can't find any... well, the lady said there was no stock available anymore.. so I just decided to buy some horror movie. BUT instead I found Rain's album 8D Rainism<33 muahahahhahaha.

If it was just SHINee or Big Bang or Wondergirls or (insert fave artists here) I would totally raid the whole store!
I know seeing Rain's album there is not such a big deal for some of you.. but here in Philippines, specifically GENSAN, you can barely find any korean CDs here! so it's totally WHOOOAAA for you to find an album >___> hahaha.



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