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Name:she loves shinee
Birthdate:Aug 15, 1994
Website:almighty tofu

talk to my bodyyyy

Well, her name's Johanna. August 15, 1994. Proud Filipina. KPOPPER. She loves to play around with Photoshop. Hanna also loves to play around with her dogs, and hangs out with friends@school. :) She has an expression of "LOL!"

Hanna is a very friendly and approachable person. Honestly, I add anyone I want. XD and adds back stangers. LMAO. But I warn you right now, If you dislike me, don't add me 'kay? Cause as far as possible, I don't want to be fake. :D :D

I'm kind, good-hearted. But if you hurt the people I love, watch out. I'm vulgar and very expressive through anything. Anyway, i'm speeading my love to everyone and to anyone. Feel free to add me! :) *hands a gigantic cookie*

i can't stop, lovelovelove


           ♥  SHINee
           ♥  Big Bang
           ♥  2NE1
           ♥  FT Island
           ♥  Super Junior
           ♥  Dong Bang Shin Ki
           ♥  Wonder Girls
           ♥  So Nyuh Shi Dae
           ♥  BoA
           ♥  Son Dam Bi
           ♥  Rain
           ♥  Se7en
           ♥  Epik High


GRAPHIC DESIGNING.I started playing around with Photoshop since I was 10 years old.At First I found it hard to use it.I was such an ultra NOOB, If you ask me why I used photoshop, well it's because I used to see my sister using the program. But when I ask her to teach me, she won't. LOL. So I decided to open itand figure out how to use the program on my own. It is a good thing that Photoshop is a very friendly program. wakeke.

My first creations were composed with the artists Super Junior and DBSK. I used to use a lot of gradients back then. LOL. And usually the text color doesn't suit the image. hahaha. I improved day after day. All I did in photoshop was experiment and experiment. It was late until I realized how stupid I was when I didn't just search for tutorials. I started reading tutorials when I was 12 years young. I still remember. x3
I love iconing and banner making when I open photoshop. I sometimes make wallpapers for my own desktop, though. :)

WEB DESIGNING. Started web designing when I was 12 years young. Back when I was in 6th grade. I got attracted to web designing, again by my sister. There is this evnt in school where in you have to make a website. :D and when her classmate came over at our house to do it, I was fascinated how flexible web designing is. So I wanted to learn it, too. So I started studying CSS codes on my own, Until I understood it. :)

Graphic design and Web Designing are one of my few hobbies. ♥

I made a graphic journal. :) join if you're interested ^___~ thanks! :) the link is given on the link list. ^__~

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